Artistic Villrot Profile

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Villrot music develops among the musicians playing together for years. Inspiration for compositions, may come from the Trondheimsfjord as well from the mountains of the north, or the people passing by.

R & B with taste of folk-music, influenced by the northern light and swinging like the Norwegian weather report. Sometimes fabulous music, in northern dialects, in between inspired by old survivors and beyond cliches. Most of the songs are made by Villrot, even some features of joik ore improvisations. Some songs are re-poetry after Dylan, Cale, Young, and Waits, in their own interpretations.The musicians have played together like a folk-band for up to thirty years.

The Joik OF LØDØLJA. Live Villrot performance in the backyard, back in 2021. With the pictures from Ristafallet.

Blues, folk, gospel and poetry.
From near quiet to loud, known and unknown songs to listen to, in a great room for music; Alstadhaug medieval church (850 years anniversary 2019, improvisations over Peter Dass by Villrot:

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